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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I'm so excited to tell you more about all the changes that's been happening!

InVision is no more...

I have closed the door on 13 years of working under my company name, InVision Coaching. I've decided that it was time to stand behind my name fully and embrace myself as the center of my services. I am after all what I sell. In a beautiful fire ceremony on a New Moon evening in September, I burnt a couple of hundred business cards I still had left over. As the little golden InVision symbols burnt in the flames, I couldn't help but feel the release of hundreds and hundreds of clients' visions that I've carried and held for the last 13 years. I allowed myself to let go with gratitude of one of my longest relationships yet.

InVision Coaching was created in 2007. This brand attracted thousands and enabled me to stand tall and proud behind it. Now it is time for a new energy to emerge. With the burning of the old, I also used the fire to ignite the new that was waiting in the wings. And boy, it is bad, exciting, exhilarating, nerve wrecking and everything in between. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to every person who partnered with me on this journey in some way or another, to come "see" your Self. I am forever changed by our interactions and will look back with much wonder and joy for the time we spent together.

Out with the old, in with the new...

You might know me from corporate interactions and trainings but looking back at the past 13 years of coaching and working with amazing human beings, I know that my best work is done one-on-one when I'm recognized for my talents, my skills and the value I bring and I'm invited in as a Transformation Guide. There is something about engaging with a person in such an intimate setting that makes me come alive. I'm somewhat apprehensive and excited to step out under my own name with no corporate safety blankets but I know I can not deny what makes me come alive anymore.

I therefore have changed some of my offerings and I'm excited to announce that I will be focusing much more on working with ambitious, spiritual woman eager to go make their mark in the world. I've surrendered to the fact that I do not want to or have the energy, to build the big company that makes huge ripples in the world. But, I am for sure the person coaching, guiding and impacting the woman leading the way to build that big, powerful company, write that life changing book, create the new innovative service etc all in a their own unique, visionary, divine feminine way.

My soul smiles as I'm embarking on this new journey as I'm recalibrating to all the changes that have taken place inside me. 2020 has definitely brought some much needed introspection, transformation and with it a lot of new creative ways in which I would love to work with you. Look out for the Gift of Enlightenment Board Game days, PSYCH-K® powerful change belief sessions, online courses coming soon and many ways of me speaking up, sharing my ideas, teaching and giving voice to what has been growing and expanding in my heart over the years.I think it is time to be heard, to share, to play and to find joy in this new world.

I hope that you are good. That your heart is full and that you are also ready to step into your new dream of what you want your life to look like. May you hear the whispers. May you be brave and vulnerable to take the first steps and if you ever hesitate or struggle to make sense of the world, come see me.

Let me know how you are doing!

Much love and in beauty,

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