For every woman who knows it is time to stand up, speak up, live her truth, and share her gifts with the world.


Have you felt the calling?

To stand up, show up and live your truth? Does it also feel like you are being guided to share your unique gifts with the world but you’re not sure how? If you’ve ever felt restless, depressed, unfulfilled, challenged, directionless yet knowing there is more, you are probably experiencing the call (or the squeeze) to step into your uniqueness, your beauty, your heart, your strength and come out from your hiding place.


It’s not easy, I know!

I know how difficult it can get when you are supporting everyone else and forgetting about your own needs and desires. I know the struggles we go through as women wondering if we are good enough, if we can make it, concerned about the way we look, not feeling great all the time, unsure if our ideas are valid etc. I’ve been there, and I also know it is much easier to shine when we are supported.


Let’s do it together

A Mastermind group is a group of like-minded women, coming together every week, with their own goals and desires, committed to support each other in their unique journeys. When women come together, something beautiful and magical shows up. We know how to support and be there for each other. It’s a space where we allow ourselves to be seen, to be vulnerable but also to be inspired to come home to ourselves and then take that centeredness back into our relationships, our jobs, our communities, our homes.


It’s more than talking…

I have been coaching for 14 years and I know that simply talking about the changes we want to make does not create change. When we are inspired to commit, act, and embody who we really are, change happens. It is easier to take the steps and make the changes when we are being held accountable and supported to do it. The framework of the sessions is set up to activating your potential, opening your heart, and ultimately becoming the Woman of Strength I know you are.


There is more!

My vision is to create a movement of becoming a Woman of Strength. So, once you have completed the 6 session- mastermind coaching programme, you can sign up for the Woman of Strength facilitator training to run your own mastermind groups!!


Through this Mastermind Coaching Programme, you will:


  • Identify your burning desires and act on it!

  • Connect with yourself in a way that feels like coming home.

  • Tap into your inner wisdom to follow your heart and soul’s direction.

  • Implement changes in an inspiring, moving, and touching way.

  • Reflect on what is keeping you stuck and let it go.

  • Identify your uniqueness and unleash it into the world.

  • Transform fear by embracing the message of fear and breaking through the barriers.

  • Break the glass ceiling by expanding your self-image.

  • Feel more confident as you embrace and align more with who you authentically are.

  • Uncover your most authentic self.

  • Activate your heart, your passion, your voice and your strengths

  • Support each other in being real and showing up with love and so much more!



The Mastermind Groups consists of 6 sessions (3hours each) that will run every week for 6 weeks.


Sign up now as space is limited!

Every group will be limited to 8 participants.



Thursday evenings 6-9pm starting 18 February 2021 (GROUP FULL)

Registrations open for group starting 29 April 2021



Sessions will be done online through Zoom


R3000 per person

Option 1: Full payment of R3000

Option 2: Two instalments of R1650 each (one on sign up and one on 1 March 2021)

Are you ready to join the movement?

The Woman of Strength process has been one of the most life changing processes I've had the privilege of taking part in. The sessions appealed to my need for structure as well as restoring a feeling of much deeper connection with myself and others. 

My biggest yearning has been to change the way I think. It was shocking to realise how much of my life I avoid, fear or left unchanged simply because I didn't believe I deserved anything different. Changing the way I think through this process, has enabled me to reach for my dreams regardless of my fears. It has changed my world!!

Berdine created such a safe and loving environment to explore depths and parts of myself I didn't know I had hidden. With compassion and support I was guided to harness the power of accepting what is whilst creating what I chose to become. For any woman who is looking to ignite her inner goddess, her inner strength, her power within and reveal her true self, this process is perfect for it!