Dear beautiful radiant soul, welcome...

I’m always curious to see who finds me in my corner of the universe. You are probably in need of activation of some sort and most of all, in need to really be seen for all that you are. I know how it feels to disappear under the weight (physical and emotional) of what the world expects from you. I know what it feels like to do the “responsible” thing and suppress all your urges to break out and show up in your own unique way. My gift of seeing, acknowledging, appreciating, celebrating the other and reading every part of them is probably a result of knowing what it feels like to not be seen and I value that the most in all my interactions.

I've been coaching since 2007 and have honed my skill into seeing, playing, discovering, transforming and opening up new possibilities with everyone I work with. 

Best online female coach Berdine Bronkhorst transformation guide

​​My highest value is integrity and embodying what I share and teach. It has been a journey for me to integrate my spiritual practices as I grew in my partnership with Spirit as the cornerstone of everything I do. I find that a lot of women have profound gifts of intuition and divine guidance that they suppress in fear of what everyone would say. During our interactions, I find that when we connect with our heart and we are in true presence, vulnerability and authenticity with another, the hidden gems show up and we are guided beautifully by Spirit.

My Services...

At the core of all my services I provide you with a  way to connect with your highest vision, your beautiful mission and your own intuitive guidance. There are so many ways to access this, depending on what you need.


All you need to know is that the answers are inside of yourself. I am just very skilled at knowing where to look and ask you questions in such a way that the light is shining on the precise spot that will bring the clarity and momentum to move forward. We struggle to solve our challenges on the same level of thinking with which it was created. A guide helps you to open up new possibilities of thinking, feeling and behaving that you might have struggled to do for yourself in the past. Not because you can’t do it, but you might be way too close to see it or not in the vicinity at all.

Every service I provide is aimed at activation and flowing through the process of change. Have a look around and let me know your thoughts. If you would like know more about my personal journey from lawyer to coach you can read more here...

Best female online coach Berdine Bronkhorst transformation guide

Having said all that, we still need to function and thrive in this 3D world. We still need to do the day to day activities from cooking to taking out the trash, dealing with relationships and sitting in traffic. So, how do we translate our insights from our encounters to how we play life outside of this beautiful bubble? We make sure that the changes take place on your level of being so that it informs action from alignment and intention. It is important that the integration steps of every process are made practical and easy to implement, so that the changes can be applied immediately. My activation-angle supports real world changes so it doesn't just stay interesting concepts of change that we fantasize over. We have wine evenings with friends for that. 

Are you ready to work with me?

Transformation Process requires a transformation guide Berdine Bronkhorst

“Growing and changing isn’t always easy, my beautiful friend; transformation never is… There are going to be moments that break your heart. There will be days when you reach your breaking point. There will be times when you just can’t hold on any longer… But do it. Hold on just a little longer. Know that you are in the process of becoming so much stronger. Know that you are transforming from the inside out into who you’re meant to become. It might take time, it might bring you to your knees, but it will be worth it. It always is.”     

- Nikki Banas

Awesome experience! I restored the connection to myself. I was challenged when needed and genuinely celebrated for breakthroughs.

"Berdine has been able to help me find breakthroughs and activate change in me to such an extent that I am excited to about my new dreams and reality. I am on fire, motivated and driven because of Berdine's beautiful guidance and spot-on questions. She is truly gifted as a coach. She is a diamond! 100 out of 10"

Berdine has a gentle but firm way of making you see that you have so much more to offer than what you were aware of.