I wish for you too much of a good thing this year!

We made it to the new year! As I was contemplating my first newsletter for 2021, I remembered the first opportunity I had, as a coach in training, to give feedback. The instructions were specific as we could only use the format “I wish for you..” Allow me to be a coach and share with you my heart. I wish for you… I wish for you love beyond belief. A love for self, your body and who you really are that will set alight the cocoon you are beautifully wrapped in so that whoever shall step into your space, will be ignited, inspired, and moved by this vulnerability and bravery that accompanies the journey of loving oneself fully. May this flame keep going and as we increase our self-love, we set alight the world. I wish for you a bonus that you did not expect. An unearned, unexpectant favour that wasn’t the result of your own doing, your forcing, your fixing or your effort. Something that will show you that you are not forgotten, and that Spirit indeed has your back. I wish for you an opening in your heart to be affirmed and an allowance of the affirmation and acknowledgment to reach you and delight you without second guessing the motives. I wish for you a happy reunion with your essence, the part of you, you may have had difficulty to connect with while staying afloat the last year. The part of you that reminds you of who you are, what makes you come alive and what brings you joy. I wish for you the ability to quiet the mind to allow the body to speak, for your senses to learn this ancient old language and for your body’s wisdom to reveal itself to be used as the authority in your future decisions. May you trust the inner wisdom of the body that knows and have always known what is right for you. I wish for you the magic of time bent to accommodate moments of self-reflection where the fleeting thoughts of being good enough and being able to handle what is coming this year, grows greater and gets stretched out until it happily become your truths, embedded in every cell of your body. I wish for you to be seen and heard especially if you have ever felt invisible, alone, taken for granted or overlooked. May your voice find a willing, understanding ear while a moment’s attention from another will invite you out of the cave you almost reduced to as your permanent residence. I wish for you the courage to go deep, to do the self-reflection, the journey inward, not to correct what is wrong or find fault, but to know your depth and the resilience and unexplored gifts that are waiting beneath the surface to be discovered and used as your sails to navigate the stormy sea we find ourselves in. We are waiting in anticipation to receive the gift of you. I wish for you to be provided for, to have more than enough of whatever you want and need, to be blessed in abundance of money, joy, ideas, friends, chocolate, beautiful sunsets, hugs, love and lovers, not necessarily in that order. In 2021, I wish for you too much of a good thing, which is marvelous! :-) And now, my gift for you... If you haven't yet completed the last year for yourself, here is free completion worksheet to help you mine the diamonds that 2020 created with such precision, so you can complete the last year, and be free to create a new theme for this year that will bring you much joy. I would love to hear what it is you choose for yourself. FREE guide to complete 20

Year End Completion Questions
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